Magical Mystery Chair

This particular story has two parts.  It begins two years ago when my husband surprised me with a dining table for my birthday.  It's made from reclaimed railroad ties and I absolutely love it.

It was quite a splurge, so we didn't get dining chairs.  I loved the idea of collecting different antique chairs and thought we could build the dining set over time.  Flash forward two years later- we have one chair.  It makes dinner parties difficult deciding which person can sit.  We do, however, have four wood folding chairs from IKEA that we bought years ago for our patio.  These have been our lifesaver.

Part 2- I love Anthropologie.  Walking through the store just makes me happy.  And have you seen the catalog?  It's more like a book of art than a product catalog.  They could put a toenail in the catalog and I'd want to buy it.

So, when I saw this post from Apartment Therapy on how to upholster folding chairs- inspired by Anthropologie chairs- I decided to give it a shot.

I used my old wood folding chairs and some scraps of fabric I had.  I had to buy foam and Dacron.  And I made my own cording (trim) to cover the staples.  This was the end result.

Oh my goodness, this was not an easy DIY project.  Many staples were sacrificed in the process, much foul language was used.  Although they are definitely not perfect, I like how they turned out.  They will do the job until we can afford some Eames chairs :)


  1. Gorgeous, Kari! I love the mix of fabrics on the chairs and that table is amazing! Anthropologie is a favorite of mine too - the shop displays and styling are always so inspiring. Looking forward to seeing what project you tackle next! Sarah McMaster

  2. The Brandt women have not left any talent/creativity for the rest of us!! :) Super cute chairs - who needs Eames?!?


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