a kitty party

This year Lola asked to have a kitty themed birthday party. So I said to myself, I will cut out 167 paper cats for you Lola. I will wear a shirt that says "I Like Cats". I will cookie cutter 35 cat sandwiches. I will cookie cutter 20 minuscule M-E-O-W fruit kabobs. Because I love you. Because you're 3. Because I'm crazy.

I love these balloons. I used Studio DIY's tutorial, but just used tracing paper instead of tissue paper because I could run them through the printer with no taping involved. Yes, I outlined those cat heads in photoshop. Yes, I created a 15 cat head document and printed one out for each of the 9 balloons. Yes, I cut each one of those bad boys out and spray glued them on the balloons. But I love them and will make my own balloons from here on out, friends.

I got this awesome cat wrapping paper from Paper Source. Those cats are hipsters. I had a couple frames on hand (who am I kidding I have 12 frames in my attic) and framed 2 sheets and then used the rest to cover some $1 plastic cups I got from the party store.

Yeah, that cat garland... I created that poster on my own in Photoshop (heavily inspired by the one from this wedding) and then printed a super cheap photocopy. Lola helped me color one kitty peach. The other one's hat is the pattern from the back of the invitations. Yeah, I did that.

One of my absolutely favorite parts of this party, the Bloody Meowy Bar. Again, not my idea- I took it from here- but it's so fun. PS- If anyone wants to come over for a Bloody Mary, I still have about a gallon. No kittens need to be involved.

Well, a kitten must have ears. Nothing a little felt and hot glue can't fix.

Whiskers, yes those are important to a kitten too. A cats gotta navigate...

One little kitty...

Two little kitties... 

You gotta have some party games. I had John put together a couple very basic bean bag toss boards, I painted them white and drew a couple hungry (maybe sleepy, who knows- I can't draw eyes) cats. Thankfully, I delegated the mice bean bags to my mom- aren't they the cutest!?

Action shot.

Kitty friends.

Then it was time for cupcakes and that made this little kitty very happy.

I used the Mr Printables Cats! Cupcake Wrappers. Print and cut, yes I'm familiar with that by this point. I loved it though because it totally didn't matter what my cupcakes looked like. They were getting a big hug from these cute cats! I made a little Meow Felt banner but it gets kinda lost with all that pastel.

Family photo- Take 1

Take 2

The favors were goldfish. A real no-brainer because that's how I felt by the end.

And can we just talk about this dress for a second? I used this pattern, and found the fabric on Spoonflower- it turned out so cute! I cut a couple corners with the pattern, it's best for all of us if I don't say and you try not to notice.

And then she rode off into the sunset.

To be clear- I love my Lola. This list is how I would describe her, and while there are days I feel like "where have I gone wrong with this child??", she is one of the best gifts I've ever received in my life.

-Genius-level Smart

Happy Birthday Loli Worm!


  1. That dress! I need it in an adult size!

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