magic paint board

I do finger painting with Max, watercolor too, play-dough, etc.  But these activities are a little messy.  I made Max one of these magic paint boards for a painting activity without the mess.  I got the idea from Fo' Reals Mom.  You can paint the special kind of paper with water, and then it dries in minutes so you can keep painting new pictures.  I painted the frames blue and put a little foam board behind the brushstroke paper.  I could only find the brushstroke paper on Amazon, when I asked in Blik and Michaels I got some blank stares.


Getting a temporary tattoo while we waited for the masterpiece to dry...

And begin again with the hardcore monkey tattoo for some street cred.


  1. Cool idea! I just looked and saw the paper on Amazon... does it last a long time? Just wondering if it's worth the money! :) Thanks for the idea!

    1. Hi Allison- I got the paper on Amazon, two sheets per pack and each one lasted about 15-20 paintings. Not as many as I thought, but still worth it because it's such a no-mess painting project. Thanks!


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