happy mother's day!

I had a great mother's day this year.  It started out with a treat to myself, I finally made the vintage fabric banner I've been wanting to make forever.  I love these simple projects that add a little charm to my home and make me smile.  I know my taste isn't the same as other's, but I do what I like and am lucky enough to have a husband who doesn't care how I decorate the house.

I have a new favorite foodie site called Smitten Kitchen.  She is a great food photographer first of all, which makes everything look yummier.  We celebrated Mother's Day at my house with a low-key outdoor breakfast.  I thought these muffins were perfect..summery and happy, raspberry topped lemon muffins.  They were definitely delish and the raspberry was a little melted when you bit into the muffin...mmm.

Pretty flowers from my husband we planted in the garden later that day.

I also made this raspberry infused water, I saw on Jamie Oliver's website.  It was good and refreshing, but most of all really pretty.  A good party drink.  However, I am a no-pulp kinda gal, so I would have rather it was strained.


Our roses bloomed just for the event.

My mom made her famous egg casserole (famous because I always ask her to make it for breakfast events and it's awesome).  Yum.

These two pip-squeaks are my fav.  Max and his sweet cousin Etta.  How cute can you get? 

Backs to the party.

Later in the afternoon, after nap and a couple melt downs we went to the park.  Have you ever seen a happier boy than this?

I have so much to be thankful for.  Max makes me laugh, cry, angry, amazed every day, but I love him so much.  I am excited to meet our new one in the next few weeks.  I am lucky to have such a supporting and loving mom- who I talk to every day.  I am lucky to have a mother-in-law that would bend over backwards for us, who did such a good job raising the son that I love.  I am lucky to have a sister who amazes me every day- she is my role model and always has been.  She is raising two of the sweetest, cutest, smartest kids I've met.  I am lucky to have friends that are great moms who talk me back into sanity when I feel like running from the house screaming.

It was a great day filled with great food, sunshine...

But best of all, family.

(He hates having his picture taken, hence the grimace when Mama gives him a kiss for the camera.)

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