welcome to the 21st century kari

I have an iPhone, woo!  For the past two years I've had a phone that you can only talk and text on.  Have you even heard of such a thing?  People would send me pictures and not only could I not open them, but my phone wouldn't even notify me I had a message.  Lame.  And friends probably thought I was super rude for not replying how cute their kids were.

I love the nice weather.  Yesterday Max and I ran some errands, went to the park and then got a huge watermelon and had a snacky lunch (cheese and watermelon).  It was a warm day and I was craving cold, sweet watermelon, mmm.

I have Instagram on my new phone.  It took me a while to understand it and I'm not sure I still do completely, but whatever.  Check out how big this bowl of watermelon is.
 Happy boy.
I am excited that I can start to share more everyday moments of our lives, especially when the new baby comes.  That's what Max call it, "new baby".  And whenever we ask whether he thinks it will be a boy or girl he says it will be a baby.  Smart boy.

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