hockey birthday party

Happy Birthday to Mr. Moo! Max turned three on Saturday and we celebrated with a small little hockey party. This boy is crazy for hockey.

Max was the "player", mommy and daddy were the "fans" and Lola was the "referee". I know her stripes are going the wrong way, but she was still the cutest referee ever.

I made ruffle streamers using this tutorial. These turned out great! Sometimes when I attempt to make decorations they end up costing a lot and are so difficult to make! These were super easy.

I had his second "year book" on hand. Remember the first? I'm always a year behind because I like to end the books with the birthday pictures.

I also made a retro hockey card banner. I found these for pretty cheap on Etsy and just sewed them together. I love these vintage hockey cards, their facial hair is out of control!

Max sure does own a lot of hockey sticks. We also wanted to have enough out for each kid to be able to play with. I designed a stick rack with my dad and he made it. I can't decide yet whether I'm going to leave it up permanently.

I made snow globes with some of Max's hockey guys. I took these a couple weeks before the party and even though he has 20 other guys, he knew these were missing. The exact guys! I told him they had to go play hockey and would be back for his birthday. Bad mommy.

I made these Gatorade bottles for the kids to take home in place of goody bags. I wrote the logo on there using this tutorial. So easy! I know they look amateur, but in this case I liked that. I also had the sports drink (just lemonade) on hand for the hockey players to drink.


In addition to the bottles the kids got to take home a Polaroid of their hockey alter egos.

I saw these pre-made veggie cups on Pinterest and liked the idea for kids. A little hummus on the bottom.

My mom made these awesome fruit kabobs. Max loved those toppers, and I have to say, these were a much bigger hit than the veggie cups. The kids loved them! Might have to be a staple at all birthday parties from now on.

I asked Max what he wanted to eat at his party and he said "Bobo cheese sandwich". Now- that takes a little explaining. My dad is called Bobo by the grandkids. In an effort to get one of the kids to eat colby-jack cheese someone said it was Bobo's favorite. From then on our entire family calls colby-jack cheese Bobo cheese. With a straight face. Anyways, because this was Max's request and the party was small we made grilled sandwiches. Bobo cheese, caprese, reuben, and ham & gouda.

In lieu of a cake, I made hockey pucks. Chocolate doughnuts from Dunkin Donuts with these edible cupcake toppers.

Hockey puck!

 He wanted me to blow out the candle.


The best part of the party hands down was the photo booth. Not really a booth, just a wall. This is an idea growing in popularity thanks to Smilebooth. But I thought I could do that on my own. I set up a little area with hockey props. John's hockey jerseys, gloves, helmet, some fake mustaches (always a hit), and raisins for missing teeth (for adults).


Poor Lola.

It was really a hit! Hope everyone is cool with their crazy mustache/missing tooth/hockey grimace pictures on here! This party was worth the effort. My sweet three year old hasn't stopped playing with his hockey guys for a minute.


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