little blousy tops

I'm missing summer pretty hard right now.  I suppose that's why I finally decided to make some little blousy tops for my Etsy shop.  I've had some cute ideas pinned for a while now- like this one and this one.  I made the first one and then I just. couldn't. stop.

Instead of blousy tops I should have called this post "super cute little girl tops I made from my dad's old shirts". Just a tad long.  But for real, my dad was giving away some of his old shirts and I swooped in and took them!  The fabric is so worn and soft...

This is the first one I made and it's my favorite.  This is actually a view of the back, I used simple hook & eye closures.  Sadly, it's a little small for Lola.  I was hoping to save this one for her, but it's the only one that doesn't fit. Boo.

The rest are pretty much all size 3.  Like I said, I was on a roll and just couldn't stop making them!  They'll all be up on Etsy soon!

It's impossible to see, but the black part on this one is sooooo soft and has a little texture.

This one is my other favorite.  It turned out very Ace & Jig.



lola's room tour

Lola's room came together not too long after Max's.  I wanted it to be bright and bohemian, but still have all the unmistakable qualities of a little girls room.  

First, can I tell you how pumped I was to find the same bed as Max's on Craigslist?  This was already a discontinued style when we found it for Max two years ago (we painted his).  I just love the style of it, as well as the fact that it's adjustable, so it can grow as the kids grow.

I made all of the pillows and the big stuffed doll.  The big flower pillow has my heart, I made it from one of my mom's old dresses.  I found inspiration for the rest of the pillows and dolls from other sources, so these are obviously just for personal use.

And just like Max, the first thing Lola did in her new room was sit at the desk and draw a little picture. This desk is really just a floating shelf I got from Ikea and stained it to match her bed. But I'm able to mount it to the wall at any height, perfect for a teeny girl. I created the Big Hair Don't Care print just for her- those beautiful curls are always out of control.  It's inspired by a print from Castle.

This is the original teepee I made for Max, I just made a new cover for it.  

The Hooray poster was a free desktop wallpaper download that I had printed at Walgreens.  I'm not sure that's ethical, but it's colorful and it just fits the personality of the room.  Then I added some fun multicolored lanterns, the animal masks from her birthday party, and the stick horses from Max's party.

He played some tunes, while she drew cartoons...


happy new year!

I'm already in a 2015 state of mind... I wrote 2015 for my Christmas post.  Oh well, onward and upward.  The kids have been sick and John had to work, so we had a low key NYE.  The kids wanted a party, so we got all dressed up and I threw a party just for them.  And the best part was that after dessert, I could take my heels off and put pajamas on.   My kind of party.  Happy New Year!


christmas 2014

This was a good Christmas for me.  For all of us, really.  I bought most of the gifts and didn't make as many new decorations.  Tried not to spread myself too thin and just enjoy the time with the kids.  I took the time when I would have been sewing to help Max and Lola make gifts.  Sweet little wonky ornaments and vases that you just can't not love. 

Even though it was more laid back I still made a couple things.  You can see what I made in the past here, here and here.  This year I made homemade chocolate hazelnut spread.  Oh. My. Gosh.  It was yum.  I don't even have a Vitamix and it was out of this world delicious.  I found tiny packages of shortbread cookies at the store, and included those, and a little wooden spreader with each gift.

Max is doing a lot of writing, mainly without any help.  I just can't get enough of his sweet little handwriting- how words don't have to be in the correct order or even on the same line.  And how he sounds out words.  Love.  So I created stationery for each of the grandparents.  I had Max write out "From the Desk Of" and then each name.  I am positive there is an easy way to do this, but I outlined every one of those letters in Photoshop and pieced together the documents.  Then I just printed them on nice cardstock. 

We hosted another great dinner with family.  The menu on Christmas Eve is not to be altered.  Kapusta (cabbage soup), mashed potatoes, rye bread, honey filled wafers and sparkling juice.

I adore John's grandpa.  He turned 85 just before Christmas.  When John was little, grandpa would do a magic show for all the kids on Christmas Eve.  To honor and celebrate him, we decided to do a magic show for him.  Max really got into it.

Learning from the master.  The new generation has a lot to learn... but Max caught on quick.

Late that night Santa came...

Santa forgot stocking stuffers for mommy and daddy... I ended up with a lint roller and a jar of raisins.  

They both slept in on Christmas, yeah!  Then we got dressed for party #2.

This one is called, A Girl and her Grandmas.

I have no idea what is happening here.  Burning off all the candy?

A girl after my own heart...

We went back to my parents for new jammies, a slumber party, and Christmas #3.  They are watching Frozen- Lola was so ticked it was just on TV.

And more presents the next morning!

"Is the sun out"

And finally back home.  With Lola napping, John and Max Legoing...

And some me time with a gorgeous new cookbook, planning a little holiday detox.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

little mr moo.
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