DIY emoji doormat

I went to Ikea the other day and saw the TVIS Doormats and I had a serious case of the heart eyes. Which got me thinking... So I made a heart eyes emoji doormat for Valentine's Day! 

I cut out the eyes and mouth and taped them down and then started painting! I love these sunny pictures because it looks like he's wearing sunglasses.


max's room update

I gave Max's room a little upgrade recently. He was growing out of his little bed, and I promise that I wasn't blasting emotional Adele ballads while taking it apart. But, you know how I love a good makeover, so...

I only changed a few things, but they were big things! I gave him our old Malm bed frame and brightened it up with some paint. You know how much I like white, but I decided to really go crazy and chose a light gray instead. No, seriously. It isn't white. Look reaaaaaly close.

Max has turned into a total bookworm. His collection of chapter books is growing and growing, so John made him this shelf. It's sentimental because it was John's first welding project, we designed it specifically for that spot. He's working on welding some special bookends, but I'll save those details for another time.

I picked up this whole stack of Hardy Boys books for super cheap at the library. I knew they would look cute on the shelf and I think he'll dig the mysteries when he's a little older.

I think my favorite addition is this giant chalkboard! And it was one of those things that just came together in a couple days, really easy. I had a huge giclee canvas that I have saved for years and years, I didn't like that pattern on it but knew it would come in handy some day. And it did! I painted the canvas with chalkboard and then got some cedar boards (because I was too lazy to stain them) and made a frame using this tutorial.

That wool throw! Am I right?! Faribault partnered with Target on a small collection, the colors were perfect, and it's super lightweight and warm. The challenge as Max grows up is to create a space that he likes and is excited about, but that I like as well. So, lucky for me I found these flannel Star Wars sheets that worked perfectly with the other colors in the room. Sheets are always a good compromise- because you can hide them if necessary!

She might like this room as much as her brother...

Click here to see Max's first room tour.


christmas 2015

And oh, what a Christmas it was! Absolutely crazy, then totally lazy... the best kind. 

The kids and I started out by making a flip book that they could give out as presents. I brought all of their costumes downstairs and they pretty much came up with each little story on their own.

I put the images together so you can see the flip book too!

Music by Bensound.com

Max is really into Minecraft so I made him some felt masks to play with. (He promptly told me that the Enderman mask is upside down, the eyes should be low) I made it right! Just took the picture wrong :)

The other gift that the kids made were these melted crayon ornaments. This was a really fun one! I broke the crayons into little pieces and took the tops off these glass ball ornaments. The kids chose their own color combinations and dropped the pieces in. I used a hair dryer to melt the crayons on the inside and then just put the tops back on. 

All wrapped up!

Friends of ours started Collective Coffee Lab and we are so spoiled to have such fresh coffee every day. Since I feel you just can't go wrong with coffee (like if you don't drink coffee I just don't get you and we probably can't be friends), I gave out sample bags of their coffee along with some homemade banana walnut biscotti.

One of my favorites, a baby carrier I made for Lo. I used some Ikea fabric and these instructions and she just loves it!

I also made some infused alcohol, Rosemary Citrus Vodka and Gin. Just put some grapefruit and lemon peels and rosemary in a jar and cover with alcohol- it isn't rocket science! But if you drink a whole bottle you might think you can solve our countries rocket science problem.

I used this recipe and it included one for bourbon soaked cherries as well. Since I have a couple family members who love whiskey and bourbon, I thought those would be perfect too.

'Twas the night before Christmas... (John has taken up welding as a hobby and made this bookshelf for Max)

Christmas morning.

Happy New Year!


max's movie premier party

Max turned 6! This is what his party looked like... but whoa! Hang on there. I'm going to have to provide some serious backstory here. This particular birthday party took a little prep time.

Let's rewind and start one year ago. Sometime around Halloween '14 Max began to draw the first letter of his last name all squiggly. He said, because that made his name look scarier. After a while, this name began to take on a life of it's own. Max created an alter ego we all lovingly call Max Squiggly F. He wrote books and drew pictures all about the adventures of a superhero called Max Squiggly F. Examples 1, 2, 3, and 4 below.

I thought this would be a phase, but oh no. For a whole year he's been screaming "Put this one in my Max Squiggly F movie!" from the backseat of the car when a song he likes comes on the radio. He came up with different scenarios, different characters and friends that needed to be included. So, it seemed natural that his next birthday party would be a perfect excuse to actually make this movie dream of his come true.

I sat down with him and we wrote a script. (Ok, we sat down a couple different times, I'm sure you can imagine the attention span of a 5 year old). I tried to type as fast as I could and write the dialogue exactly as he said it. There are lines in it like, Then Max got a piece of tape stuck on him while he’s starting to talk and tries to get it off. and Max swings out a golden invisible rope and they all cling to it- then everyone meditates and they feel the color of rainbow magic. You get the idea...

The script was awesome.

Naturally, the next step was to throw a filming party. Yes, this little boy essentially got two parties out of the deal. John and his brother are both incredibly creative and talented in the world of movie filming/sound technicianing/editing/making funny jokes.

We set up in our garage. Yes green screen!!! So fun. I stood there and pretty much fed everyone their lines (thank you magic of editing!). But the kids did great!

Leading up to this day I kept asking Max what kind of costume he wanted and he was really adamant that Max Squiggly F and all the superheroes just look like regular kids. Yes, less work for me, but you know how I roll. I'm all- not even a cape?? I couldn't resist, so I surprised him on filming day with a Squiggly F t-shirt (still regular kid, right?) and armbands with the kids superhero initial on them. He approved.

One month later...

It was time for the screening party! I created movie ticket invitations, and Max insisted that I include seat numbers.

I wanted the living room to look a little like a theater. The wall would be our screen with a table of refreshments and golden curtains.

I loved the movie ticket decorations! I got the idea here. Same for the paper fan garland.

I put out your typical movie theater fare... popcorn and candy. The paper popcorn cones were another favorite of mine. Get fun paper, fold, tape, done!

Every action hero deserves their own movie poster. (My dad was one of the bad guys- can you see him on the poster? Freaky, right!? Love it!)

It was a movie premier. Red carpet was 100% necessary.

Dim the lights- it was time to see the movie!!

Hands down my favorite picture. Look at those faces!!

All guests got to take home their own Max Squiggly F DVD as a party favor.

This was so fun and so totally worth it. It was definitely a group effort, but Max was so happy to have created something like this with his friends and family. We've also watched it 100,000,000 times already.

Happy Birthday, Max Squiggly F!

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