the photo sweep

Ah, friends. I really love me a photography sweep. It is a simple trick I use all. the. time. I've busted this out for a majority of my Museum Shop posts because the pics come out super clean, and the product pops. But I actually use it on a larger scale too for pictures of the kids. Case in point- our Christmas card photos.



I usually do this outside because the lighting is always better. Even on cloudy days. (Actually cloudy days are better because there won't be as many shadows) So, even though the siding needs to be washed and the deck paint is peeling, inside that paper is so fresh and so clean clean. You may have toys laying around everywhere and someone was eating crackers with their mouth open next to you, but you only hear choir voices when you see that paper sweep.

That is how the card turned out. The hardest part was choosing which pictures to use, because I came out with all these cuties!

Obvs there were outtakes. Caption as necessary...

Same technique below from many moons ago. I printed these out in black and white for my living room. This was a sunny day though, can you tell the difference?

So, go get y'all some backdrop paper!

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  1. Oh my god! Fantastic photos. Both are looking very cute in these pictures. I am going to host a party on my daughter’s birthday at one of local party venues and will love to have such a nice photo session done there.


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