Hi! I'm Kari Firak and you heard correctly- my full name is a palindrome. Like racecar and mom.

From concept and styling to photography and copy, I provide original content and art direction to promote sales and readership. It's a beautiful business niche to fill!

I can never decide whether my personal style is modern or vintage boho, which is why my house is moho (I made that up).

I've bought three pairs of harem pants in my life, just because I really want to be the type of person who wears them. I don't.

I plan projects and then figure out how to do it later. Somehow this is more fun and fulfilling for me. And stressful.

Last, and most cliche, my kids are my world.  They inspire me, make me laugh, and challenge me in every way possible. Beyond sharing my creative and work life, this blog is a visual diary of my kids lives. I hope I will always remember the way Lola's curls tickle my nose when I read her books. The way Max spoke in the third person for a year and really said, Moo Moo wants what Moo Moo's Mama Has". The funny notes Max writes in his really cute sounded-out way. The way Lola flings herself across the room, falling and laughing a million times a day.

If nothing else, I can look back at these pages one day and see the life we led.  And I'm thankful for that.

Welcome to Little Mr Moo.

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