the office / playroom

Next up on my little home tour- the office! I mean play room. Well, it's both actually. Ok, let me explain... 

Let's start from the beginning. Below is the only photo I have of this room and it was taken before we moved in. I have nothing against a formal dining room, and maybe someday we'll go there... But I work from home and have two small kids and we just needed that space for work and play. Also, there are sliding doors to the back porch in this room, so I wanted to keep it a little more open.

I knew I wanted to make this room work for me and the kids. A shared space, if you will. Plenty of desk space for all, a good amount of storage for my crafts, but accessible so the kids could be creative as well. IKEA has a "create your own" space with all different office type configurations. This was perfect since I really just wanted to figure out how to fill a whole wall with two adult desks and one kids desk. 

None of the pieces are permanently affixed to one another, so we can change out the desk tops, legs, etc. at any time. We'll probably do this soon actually, since the kids are already getting tall for their desk. 

I know you're probably thinking I'm crazy for keeping everything available to the kids. They can pull books from the bookshelves, crayons are out to draw on the easel, they own one of those drawer units- filled with paper, scissors, markers. And sometimes it is a headache, but usually it's actually not. They are more likely to create on their own terms and for once I'm not pulling something out of the closet for them. It's pretty nice.

So there you have it. This is where we work, write, weave, dance, draw and read.


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