christmas gifts 2016

Per usual Christmas starts out with the best of intentions. Then December 22nd and 23rd come around and I am frantically making, sewing, baking... But then we celebrate and it's all a distant memory, only fun and laughs in that wine haze we all know and love. 

We did make some fun gifts this year, though. Like check out these cutting/serving boards John made. On his own. With his hands. We both wanted to keep the "living edge" of the boards, which created organic-looking shapes that I think pretty great. We treated them with a natural oil but gave a small dropper bottle with each board just to maintain a nice finish.

John is going to start an Etsy shop to sell more. We're toying with a good name- John's Wood just doesn't seem right... :)

I made jam, because duh. I found the recipe here, and let me tell you- try this. Make this recipe. You won't be sorry.

John's got a beard. My dad has a beard. My brother-in-law has a beard. So natch I made some beard oil. A friend of mine gave me this recipe and I followed it exactly because I don't have much experience with essential oils and didn't know what I liked. When I have some more time to experiment I might try other scents, but we all ended up liking this one. 

Another good Christmas in the books. Now to make room for the 648 new toys my lucky children received...

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