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I completely changed the office! Yes, that's right. I tore apart a perfectly lovely space to create a new perfectly lovely space. It is now an office/studio hybrid.

Let me give you some solid reasoning here... First a little background. This is what the space looked like before. You can see more photos and read the full post here

It was amazingly functional for us at the time. The kids really did use that little desk. Like always. And the bookshelves. And the easel. The work/play arrangement did work. But fast forward a couple years and the kids were too tall for the desk/chairs, not to mention they are now in school full day. As for me, there wasn't enough storage. For books, for papers. I mean, I work from home. I'm also a stylist and have SO. MANY. THINGS. Pretty things that should be out there for all to see. So, I felt like built ins would be the way to go.

After many hours trying to measure, plan, wood shop, etc. it became clear that the project was over our heads. John ended up finding these shelves at Farm & Fleet for $30 a pop, they were selling their displays. They were that gross laminate, so we did have to sand and paint them. We also bought three but they didn't all fit, so we decided to build a desk in between. Not what I would have wanted if I had my choice, but we needed a place for the computer anyway. We added the doors at the bottom for more functional storage- you know, all the crap in bins you don't want anyone to see.

I love this space, and it functions in many ways for me, since I do many different kinds of work. I can work on the desktop computer, or use my laptop on the table John built. (The table matches the desk exactly, they are both white oak, he did an amazing job) The shelves hold all my props for styling photos. The acrylic wall calendar helps me plan for social media clients. I use the other wall to create my macrame wall hangings. The desk/table is also cool because it functions as another dining table, when we have dinner parties the adults can eat separately from the kids.

John and I are in the middle of starting an online shop, LOMA Goods. You will be able to find macrame wall hangings, woven wall hangings, wood bowls, cutting boards, rolling pins and a small vintage section. John's already sold a few live edge tables! I am currently working on the website, hope to have it up soon!

What do you think? Which configuration do you like better?


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