We finally put our bookshelf up!  The brackets are from the Container Store, we painted them black though.  And the shelf is just a piece from Home Depot we stained.  I stole the idea from my brother in law.  I love how much stuff these shelves can hold, but are still out of the way.  And you can make the shelf any length you want.

We actually put the entire thing up in our dining room, only to find out that the dimensions on the packaging are slightly off and there wasn't enough room to make the shelf level.  So....we had to move it to our hallway, which I never would have chosen, but actually turned out pretty cute.  This is part hallway and part kitchen area for us.

The one thing I realized during this project is that John's books make him look much smarter than me.  Whatever, I like my Devil Wears Prada girl dramas...

I started to buy up these cool vintage thermoses, I love the way they look.

I found these National Geographic books at a resale shop and was able to buy the entire collection for $10!  I love the way they look, as well as my mom's old suitcase.  So fun.

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