can't buy me love

As soon as I saw this post on Apartment Therapy, I knew I wanted to make this sign.  

John and I went to Home Depot to pick out the plywood.  We have small car so we strapped it to the roof and drove through Chicago with our hands out the window holding the plywood.  I thought I had frostbite when we got home.  Max really got a kick out of it in the backseat.

It took forever for me to paint it because I'm too cheap to buy more than two packets of vinyl letters.  Each pack only has one M.  There are four M's!  So I had to paint in sections and move the letters down as it dried.

This is how it turned out!  I know didn't use my creativity to change the saying, but taking into account our current one income status, and my love for The Beatles, I thought this was perfect.

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  1. this is so freaking amazing. can't believe I missed the original post but so happy I saw it here. must do this!!! now just need to sort through the 800 quotes in my head...


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