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I haven't made clothing since college.  Let's just say I was never good at it.  But I really want to make clothes for Max, especially pants...he has a lot of cute shirts from Outside the Lines Designs :)

Here are the highs and lows of this project.

High = Super cute knit fabric from Needle Shop.
Low = Not enough fabric left on the bolt to make horizontal stripe pants I wanted.

High = Sewing went surprising smoothly (just two calls to Mom to interpret the pattern)
Low = They turned out super huge with a crazy weird dumpy butt.

High = I turned them into herem pants which I think are pretty cute.
Low = Because of the vertical stripe he still kinda looks like a chef.  Know the pants I'm talking about?

Pants Before...

Pants After...


1 comment:

  1. The "pants before" would work well with a large gold chain and bling shades!

    Great job on the project!


    I want to see Max's drawings!


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