a spy rainbow birthday party

Looking on Pinterest, there are so many cute birthday party themes.  I couldn't really choose, so Max's party turned into a strange combination of rainbow and spy.  Oh well, he doesn't care.  You already saw the spy invitations.  

Rainbow theme: I made some accordion streamers inspired by this.

Rainbow theme 2: The fun thing about having a really small party is being able to make handmade party favors.  I took all the old crayon nubs we've had saved and made these cool crayon nibbles.  You can really just put them in the oven!  Directions here.

Rainbow theme 3: I got these cute old fashioned milk glasses and the kids got to pick their color straw.

Aren't kids drinking from straws too cute??


Weird spy theme interruption:  I saw this cute layout for a scavenger hunt on Martha Stewart.  I changed around most of the items since I was playing to a very young audience.  It looks really cute, but I mistakenly waited until after opening gifts and the little's were much too preoccupied.  Luckily my sweet 4 year old nephew played along.

Rainbow theme 4: I made the infamous rainbow cake!  

Maybe it doesn't look as professional as the source, but pretty good I think!  Max liked it!

Happy weird spy rainbow 2nd birthday party Max!

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