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Remember I have a baby pants obsession?  Here, here, here and here.  Woo!  Well, I'm back at it because I have a super cute baby girl with chubby little legs that are dying for some pants.  Instead of sweater pants I made her some tshirt pants.  I picked out some of my favorite pants Lola has and used them as the pattern.  I cut out each pair of pants at the bottom of the shirt so that I can use the hem of the shirt as the hem of the pants.

First are some loose pants that taper.  A very mild harem pant.

Little Mr Moo tag!

The next pair are leggings.  Very long leggings.  I like how they bunched at the bottom.  This tshirt I found for $2 is Banana Republic and really thick stretch.

So, there wasn't as much stretch as I thought, so I just have to take them out a teeny bit.  Check out those rolls!  Cutie.

Last pair are American Apparel karate pants.  Super cute, flared.

I even kept the American Eagle logo from the shirt on the bottom of the pant leg.  

This girl...




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  1. She's such a perfect doll! (p.s. great pants, too!) xoxo


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