flippin book

I made a retro hockey card banner for Max's birthday party and he loved looking at the guys and making us read off all the team names.  So when I took it down I made a little flip book for him to play with.  He actually calls it his "flippin book" which sounds like he's pretend swearing to me.  "Where's my flippin book, Mama?"  Now he flips to each one and says, "Who dat?"

I was all about for 5 minute crafts this week.  I also made these mugs.  Well, drew on them.  I saw someone do this on Pinterest and we have some plain mugs, so I thought, why not?

Then it made me want coffee and a snack.

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  1. That's a nice flippin book! Sure missed you all at Halloween! Had to work...any pictures?? xoxo


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