max's book of thanks

I don't know about your three-year-olds, but mine has a case of the gimmie's.  It's difficult to get out of Target without a little toy of some kind or another.  So I thought Thanksgiving would be a great opportunity to teach Max about being thankful for what we have. To make it fun and interactive we thought of things he was thankful for and took pictures of them with my Instax Mini.  Then put them together in a flip book since he loves this one I just made for him.

Max's Book of Thanks

A home

Baby sis

A bed to sleep in


Learning (his favorite hockey books help him practice numbers and the alphabet)

Hockey guys (Max took this picture)

Good food


Art projects with Mama

Mommy and Daddy (This is an old picture we found since John was at work, it was a week before Lola was born and I was super fat)

The difficult part was helping him think of things to be thankful for that weren't material possessions.  I let him include his hockey guys because he loves them so much, but it was tempting to add hockey sticks, hockey jersey, etc.  I prompted some of these, but overall he did really good and hopefully got the point!

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