vintage fabric bunting #2

I made a new bunting with vintage quilt fabrics since I took down the retro hockey card banner.  I love buntings.  I also love this space in my house, I'm already thinking of what fun holiday buntings I can make.

I love these shots where just around the corner are piles of things I pulled off the table so my house would look clean.  Isn't weird how there are always so many things that don't have a spot to be put away?  There are always things on our dinner table.  The three of us always eat in one tiny cleared off corner.  Where are we going to put Lola when she starts to eat?  Someone actually has to sit on the other side of the table??

Well, at least we eat at the dining table, I remember when John and I used to eat on the coffee table while watching TV.  It was a storage coffee table so I kept all our blankets in there.  Until John spilled both of our plates of spaghetti over the table and it leaked in on all the blankets.  Lesson learned.

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