watercolor advent calendar

I love Christmas.  I love the whole season.  It's just the start of cold weather, so it's still fun to get out your cute hats and scarves and boots.  I love Christmas music.  All of it.  No exception.  Bing to Elvis to Mariah to Dean... Justin Bieber could sing a Christmas song and I'd like it.  Does he?  I'll google it.

I want Max and Lola to love the holidays as much as I do.  I want to pass on old traditions.  I want to start new traditions.  Having an advent calendar is one tradition I'd like to start, so I did.  Every year will be a new design.  Maybe some will have treats, but this year I did one with activities.  

I saw this advent calendar image and fell in love.  I love watercolors and it's so visual.  I have a blank wall and thought this will be a great temporary art installation.  That one is a virtual calendar, she had 25 days of blog posts.  I actually printed out activities on the back of each card.  Max and I will peek at the appropriate card every day in December leading up to Christmas and do whatever the card says!  

I made some small (bake cookies, have a dance party, etc.) and some large (go to a hockey game, have a backyard bonfire, etc.).  I think he will enjoy it.

Max taking pictures of "Mommy's work".  Do we have a future blogger??

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