nature museum trip

We recently took a trip to the Peggy Notebaert Nature Museum.  I'm embarrassed to say this was the first time I've ever been inside.  It was just a random Saturday and we wanted something to do.  What a great place to take kids!  That is what I love about living in the city, we can take advantage of the museums and it doesn't have to be a full day commitment.  We just went for a couple hours in the morning, I packed a lunch for the car ride home and then naps!

"Not" listening to the frogs.  Lately he has been plugging his ears for any noise that is even a little loud. Like in gym class when the teacher puts on music for the kids to play to.  He stands there with his fingers in his ears.  I love this weird kid.

So excited!

Love this face.  First time in a stroller she's like, "why aren't you holding me??"

The butterfly room.  This was Max's favorite.  It's filled with butterflies and birds fluttering around everywhere.  Now I really want to get him a butterfly farm so he can watch the butterfly come out of the chrysalis.

This is her face when she looks at her brother.  In love.  He is the funniest.

Mirror image family portrait.

And the best shot ever.  Kari and a deer.  Don't look behind you!

And as a total bonus- the Green City Market was having a winter farmers market inside the museum!  So we picked up some spuds and leeks for soup and some popcorn on the cob for Max.

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