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Lola just turned 9 months old and she a hungry little baby!  I'm still nursing her, but she is eating three solid meals a day of cereal plus fruit or veggie.  I make all of her baby food in the Babycook.  I love my Babycook!  It's hands down one of the most useful baby items we have. It was a gift at one of my baby showers before Max was born and I've used it continuously since we started making food for him.  Because it's so easy to use- steam and blend all in one- I've used it way beyond Max's finger food stage and will often use it just to steam our dinner veggies.  It's healthier to steam veggies and easier than getting out our huge steamer pot.

I pretty much make big batches of various fruits and veggies once a week.  But she is eating more and more and we seem to be going through the food quicker.  That's why I was super pumped when I saw these with the frozen vegetables at Whole Foods!  They have a ton more options than just broccoli and corn.  Hey, even stay at home moms need a little help every now and then!

I'm excited for the next stage...spices and combining foods and.... finger foods, ahhhh!!!  Such a big girl, my Loli Worm.

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