I got nothin'

Here's the thing...  I argue with myself pretty often as to what I want for this blog.  I started it to show what you can do on a really small budget.  Then I thought maybe I could be a part of the DIY/crafter blogs.  And I have made a ton of things.  But I just can't keep up.  Three to five projects a week just makes me stressed out.  Ultimately, this blog is about me.  My life.  What I do with the kids.  What I make for them.  What I bake for them.  I've made a decision- not for the blog, but in my life- to just enjoy this time with the kids.  It goes so fast.  It's a gift to be able to stay at home with the kids.  So, instead of worrying or stressing about what I am going to make this week, I am going to play peekaboo and hockey guys.  And if I have some inspiration and they happen to nap at the same time... I will make something I can share.

What does that mean for you?  A lot more pictures of the kids.  So here is a little peek at what happened last week...

Resting on the sofa.

Frozen yogurt dots, just a little Pinterest idea.

Know why she's so happy?  She is doing something naughty.  Can you see what it is?

Getting Mommy's phone.

He isn't screaming.  Once in a while I look over and he is doing a hockey pose or a weird face.  He says "It's just a picture, Mama".  When I asked what this face was he said, "It's a hockey slam".

Hockey Slam!


  1. Yep...definitely the cutest!!

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