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One of the first things I ever made and posted on this blog was a puppet theater curtain.  I made it for my nephew, but I never ended up making one for Max.  We did make a little duck tape house a while back and I recently got it out for the kids to play in.  Max and Lola sit in the house and then we "call" each other on the phone.  Lola puts her hand to her ear.  I love that she is starting to play with us!

Both kids have been pulling all the tape off though.  So we decided to make it into a puppet theater.  I didn't really try very hard to make this look cool.  We just needed something to occupy our time during all these rainy indoor days.

Max's pirate story.  I wish I could re-tell a really cute story, but here is where the pirate punches the bird...
Then Teeny comes in to play.
That's not how a puppet theater works Lola...
Max really loves for us to tell him stories.  "Talk about our day", "Talk about Wolves game", etc.  He recently started a little preschool program and there are three Max's including him.  So John tells him the story of the three little Max's.  I hear him re-telling it during the day.  They are funny stories though, and don't make much sense.  "Then the biggest Max says, hey who took my cheese?"

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