lola turns one!

We celebrated Lola's first birthday this past weekend.  I can not believe she is one already!  I am so in love with her.  She is very strong willed- with a silly sense of humor.  Walking at 9 months, eating entire granola bars at 12 months.  What will she do this year- learn to drive?

The party was inspired by her corner of the bedroom.  That heart print is by Anna Bond of Rifle Paper Co.  I love the pinks- from light to orangey.  I asked the super talented Oana Befort to design the invitations and they really ended up setting the tone- warm colors with a vintage/girlie flair.  I am a huge fan of her blog and her watercolors.  I so wish I could draw and paint like that.

We had pink lemonade and pasties for dinner along with a couple beautiful salads.  John's family has a cabin in Michigan's Upper Peninsula and we always get pasties when we go there.  For those who don't know, a pasty is crust filled with meat and vegetables.  Pasties were popular with the miners in the UP because they could stick them in their pockets and take them into the mines for lunch.  I thought it would be fun to make mini pasties- a traditional Cornish pasty with meat, and an all veggie pasty.  I could make them ahead of time and they aren't too messy.

I cut out paper dolls and clothes for the kids to work on if they were bored, and made a small matching game as the favors.  I'll post more on those later.

I made three small cakes which I think turned out pretty cute.  The best part was the cake topper- Lola written in sugar script letters from Signe Sugar.  So cute!

We projected Lola's birthday video (a tradition my talented sister started), which was fun- but it was so bright that you couldn't see it all that well so we all ended up moving inside for the screening.

A special thank you to my moms- Mimi and Grammie- who were totally willing to make whatever Pinterest recipe I sent them, as well as my dad- Bobo- who didn't even raise an eyebrow when I called and said, "Will you make a 14 foot long table for Lola's party?"

The day ended up being so perfect.  The weather was beautiful, the kids took naps and were happy, the food turned out (it's probably not smart to make a recipe you've never tried before for a party).  I love my sweet girl and can't wait until she's big enough to start planning her parties with me!

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