a suit of armor party

Max is 4!  I just can not believe it.  Every day with him is a gift.  A cranky, whiny, giggly, hilarious, says poo all the time kind of gift...  God, I love him.  

He is so in to Spiderman lately, so for his birthday I wanted to take the focus off of that a little.  We finally decided on a knight party... or a suit of armor as Max calls them.  I compromised by surprising him with a Spiderman knight tunic.

I got the invitations here, I love anything hand drawn.  The castle is from Amazon, it's just made of cardboard so the kids can color it themselves. 

Our cute knights...

I love super small parties because I can really make something for each of the kids.  I made the stick horses using this tutorial.  They turned out really cute... except I totally forgot to add the eyes at the end.  Oops.  I made the tunics as well by creating my own paper pattern, just kept drawing and re-drawing until it looked right.  I cut them all out and sewed on the bias tape.  Then I drew on the shield and characters (most all of them were free from the super talented Oana Befort and her Kiddo Tee series) and traced over them with a fabric paint pen.  Then just did the best I could painting them with colored fabric paints.  I really like how they turned out!  

But I didn't.... gasp... make the banners.  I know, I know.  But I knew I wouldn't have the time.  I got the banners, tiny knights on the cupcakes and the placemats from My Little Day.  They have so many cute party supplies and decorations, and the prices are affordable.  You just have to translate a little French...

Why are family pictures so difficult?  Max hates pictures, Lola is squirmy, John hates shoes...

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