some fall projects...

I haven't posted many projects lately...  I feel like we've been really taking advantage of the good weather and all the new places to go around here.  Just not a lot of time inside to craft.  That is going to change soon I know, it already is.

We have been squeezing in some low key projects, Max and I, while Lola sleeps.  First thing in the morning, or late at night, I always picture the three of us cooking, coloring, crafting.  But then reality hits and I know that things will just be so difficult if Lola is included.  So, I save other things to do with her.

Max and I made apple crisp, which isn't all that interesting, but we used an apple peeler, and it made everything so much more fun!  Also, Max ate his weight in apples as we were peeling.
Apple face.
We also made a little ghosty garland.  I cut the ghosts out and Max colored them.  Of course, they turned into Spiderman ghosts...
Happy Halloween!

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