the (very furry) lion

My girl is still in love with all animals- big and small.  She asked to be a lion for Halloween, and shortly after I came across this picture (how awesomely boho is she, right?) and thought it would be something I could easily make.  Ahem.  "Easily".

Black shirt and pants from Target, very affordable.  Fur from Joanns, still affordable.  Even with the cutting advice from the sweet old woman at Joanns, I was not prepared for the fur balls floating around my house.  Also, I had to hand stitch the fur to the arms and legs because I wasn't sewing on the seam.  So I sewed the fur onto black ribbon first to keep the fur from unravelling and then handstitched.  

This is Lola's initial fitting.  I made her an extra collar roll since the shirt was a little low cut and I also didn't like how you could see some of the black along the neckline.  I mention sewing, but I never said I did it well...

This is how her face looks when she is telling me something very serious.

She also has a natural lions mane.

I bought the ears and tail from the store, but I ended up hot glueing some of my fur on them so they matched the rest of the costume.  Yes, there is fur permanently attached to my hot glue gun now.

I couldn't leave my golden ninja out of this post completely.  Ninja's are serious- No. 1.

And No. 2, they can be found in the jungle.  Being serious.

And here is how the final costume turned out.  It's not perfect, but it's cute because she's cute.


Happy Halloween 2014!

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