little blousy tops

I'm missing summer pretty hard right now.  I suppose that's why I finally decided to make some little blousy tops for my Etsy shop.  I've had some cute ideas pinned for a while now- like this one and this one.  I made the first one and then I just. couldn't. stop.

Instead of blousy tops I should have called this post "super cute little girl tops I made from my dad's old shirts". Just a tad long.  But for real, my dad was giving away some of his old shirts and I swooped in and took them!  The fabric is so worn and soft...

This is the first one I made and it's my favorite.  This is actually a view of the back, I used simple hook & eye closures.  Sadly, it's a little small for Lola.  I was hoping to save this one for her, but it's the only one that doesn't fit. Boo.

The rest are pretty much all size 3.  Like I said, I was on a roll and just couldn't stop making them!  They'll all be up on Etsy soon!

It's impossible to see, but the black part on this one is sooooo soft and has a little texture.

This one is my other favorite.  It turned out very Ace & Jig.


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