max's room update

I gave Max's room a little upgrade recently. He was growing out of his little bed, and I promise that I wasn't blasting emotional Adele ballads while taking it apart. But, you know how I love a good makeover, so...

I only changed a few things, but they were big things! I gave him our old Malm bed frame and brightened it up with some paint. You know how much I like white, but I decided to really go crazy and chose a light gray instead. No, seriously. It isn't white. Look reaaaaaly close.

Max has turned into a total bookworm. His collection of chapter books is growing and growing, so John made him this shelf. It's sentimental because it was John's first welding project, we designed it specifically for that spot. He's working on welding some special bookends, but I'll save those details for another time.

I picked up this whole stack of Hardy Boys books for super cheap at the library. I knew they would look cute on the shelf and I think he'll dig the mysteries when he's a little older.

I think my favorite addition is this giant chalkboard! And it was one of those things that just came together in a couple days, really easy. I had a huge giclee canvas that I have saved for years and years, I didn't like that pattern on it but knew it would come in handy some day. And it did! I painted the canvas with chalkboard and then got some cedar boards (because I was too lazy to stain them) and made a frame using this tutorial.

That wool throw! Am I right?! Faribault partnered with Target on a small collection, the colors were perfect, and it's super lightweight and warm. The challenge as Max grows up is to create a space that he likes and is excited about, but that I like as well. So, lucky for me I found these flannel Star Wars sheets that worked perfectly with the other colors in the room. Sheets are always a good compromise- because you can hide them if necessary!

She might like this room as much as her brother...

Click here to see Max's first room tour.

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