etsy success and more gifts

Woo-hoo!  I sold through my entire stock of sweater pants on Etsy!  Ok- so my entire stock was only three pairs.  I'm still excited!  I need to get sewing before winter is over.  Unless I make sweater shorts...hmmm...

Also, I feel weird posting Christmas presents mid-January, but here is a round up of all the other items I made over the holidays.

Wood bead necklace:

Wood bead fabric covered bracelet:


Have I mentioned my husband roasts coffee?  I am lucky enough to get fresh roasted coffee every day. We decided to spread the joy to friends and family.  John made a special holiday roast and I put enough beans for a pot of coffee and homemade gingerbread cookies in some cute take-out boxes.  I got the cookie recipe here, and they are hands down the best ever!

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