suitcase dollhouse

Continuing on with some more handmade Christmas gifts... I made a suitcase dollhouse for my niece.  The idea and instructions come from Stacy at Hart + Sew.  What a creative idea, right?

This project was definitely a labor of love...it took forever!  I mean hours and hours drawing it out, cutting the pieces out, ironing them on felt, cutting that out, sewing each piece individually on the background fabric with corresponding thread....well, you get the picture.  I'm proud of how it turned out even though it's not perfect, and proud of how my sewing skills have improved throughout this first year of sewing/blogging.

I made four different room scenes, I didn't made a doll because she has some really tiny baby dolls that she likes already.



Living room:


All have pull tabs on the side so she can get them out easily.

The floor is also removable so that she can keep her doll underneath.  

This was a fun project despite the time required, most of the elements are things I wish I had in my house.  A whole entryway with cubbies for jackets, boots, books, backpacks, etc?  Yes, please!  Saarinen tulip table and chair for the kitchen?  Love!  Wood burning stove in the living room?  How cozy!

I probably should have waited a couple years to make this for my niece, she is only two.  But eventually I hope she will get it out and love this happy home for her babies.


  1. Love it!! What a fantastic idea, and really WAS a labour of love! Inspired!!

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