making cookies

The play stove I made for Max has probably gotten the most use of anything I've made for him.  Max and his buddy Jake LOVE to play "making cookies".  Cookies are really the only thing that stove can cook apparently.  They have been using some bean bags and hockey pucks as the "cookies".  Since this is such a frequent game, I decided they needed some cookies that look like cookies.

I also wanted to make some sort of bag to keep them in.  If a toy doesn't have a place to go, it doesn't get put away, right?  I wanted to make something that looked like a paper bag, and found these oilcloth lunch bags from Martha Stewart.  Perfect!

Most of the stitching ideas for the cookies came from here.  I just really liked that blanket stitch.

Pop 'em in the oven!

Speaking of sweet treats...Max has really enjoyed this pregnancy.  I want everything sweet.  What else is new?  But I indulge more now.  So, Max helps me make muffins, cookies, etc.  I love baking with him, even though most of the ingredients end up on the counter.

Most recent favorites, double chocolate muffins.

Max's favorite, blueberry pancakes.  I am HORRIBLE at making pancakes.  Look at these!!  It made it even more difficult because Max was jamming a knife in the butter stick while I was trying to make them.  But they still taste good.

And now a couple gratuitous messy-face-eating-sweets-really-happy shots...

And one crazy Caddyshack mouth shot...


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