bunnies, blocks and banana bread

Happy Easter!
I made some bunny ears for my little bunny.  Really, he hated them, but I got a couple good shots.  

And he forgot about them while we made banana bread.  

John had to work on Easter and we are getting together with my family to celebrate later this week, so it was just me and Max.  I only made him one present (and we made the sweet banana bread together).  I made a fabric block puzzle.  I saw it here on Pinterest.  Wow, did her's turn out cute!  Mine...not so much.

Each side is a different puzzle, just putting together the pattern.  First of all I used corn starch instead of the Mod Podge because I'm super paranoid about the fumes during pregnancy.  So the fabric didn't stick as well.

But the kicker is that most of the puzzles don't even match up!  I have no idea what happened.  But I couldn't even put together most of the patterns.  I was almost going to use family pictures instead of fabric and I'm so glad I didn't.  Can you imagine how freaky it would be if mommy's arm came out of her head?  Or grampa's missing an ear?

The good thing is that since John made the blocks, we have a lot left over.  We just bought a long piece of wood from Home Depot and he cut and sanded the blocks.  I can pitch these and try something else.  I was thinking of letting Max paint some himself.

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