it's a girl!!

Lola Kate Firak is here!  She was 8 pounds, 8 ounces and born on June 8th.  I could not believe it was a girl, I was so sure I was having a boy.  It was really hard for me not to find out what the baby was during the pregnancy, but I am so happy we didn't.  It will always be one of the happiest, most precious moments of my life.

It was really tough to be apart from Max, we are pretty attached to each other.  He was so sweet when he came to visit, he gave me lots of hugs.  He was pretty concerned about the IV, "Mama Boo Boo", but other than that nothing really freaked him out. 

Our recovery room was a corner room with views of the city and the lake, pretty nice.

And John's bed...

Blue going home onesie, can you tell I thought it would be a boy?  She still looks cute.  And so much like Max I think, just a little girlier.

So happy to get home after a long two days away from my boy.

He has been doing great around Lola.  He mostly just goes about his business, but every once in a while comes over to laugh at her "teeny" feet, beep her nose or kiss her on the head.  He's very gentle.

Smiling with her big brother already...

My sweet girl, Miss Lola.

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