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John had three weeks off after Lola was born.  We took advantage of that three weeks, a lot of time outside (for Max, not Lola).  We did make some family trips though.  One to the Green City Farmers Market.  This is a fun one, right next to Lincoln Park Zoo.  We picked up some fresh blueberries and some bakery goods and munched while listening to their live music.

Lola snoozed.

This past week was really hot out so we started getting in the habit of going to the park first thing in the morning while it was still cool.  This works great when you are getting up at 5:30am anyways.

Lola snoozed.

Max has been growing so quickly lately and I don't just mean physically.  His speech has suddenly exploded, he is talking in sentences and really thinking about the words and what he wants to say.  My favorite one lately- we turned on America's Funniest Videos (a favorite in the Firak house!).  Maybe not the best choice for family programming when Max said "Mama, Dada, Moo-Moo watch people fall down".  That's my boy.

The other thing is how he has started to occupy himself for longer periods of time.  He made this all by himself with his magnet tiles.  Great toy by the way!

He was in his room alone for a long time working on this.  They were all lined up ready to go to the "red store" (Target).  These are little things, I know, but in the past he has really relied on us to play with him- even when he is doing most of the playing.  So these are great steps.  And while I know they are good- especially with a sibling that is taking so much of my time these days- they make me a little sad too.  I can't wait until Lola is older and can play with him.

Big brother likes to be in every picture.  How cute are they?  She was really looking at him.

Today, however, was John's first day back at work.  My first day with two kids at home.  We played hockey- me and Lola were the goalies.  Max was the "real hockey guy".  I was holding Lola while blocking Max's slapshot.  Think Lola was sleeping?  No.

There were a handful of times Lola was screaming and Max is shouting "Mama!" over and over.  Lola is crying while Max climbs on my back to "wrestle".  Then I realize his drool is all in my hair.  I have milk on my shirt.  I see a little yellow poo on my wrist.  I just have to stare at how messy my house is because they won't give me the chance to clean it.  My arm is going to fall off because Lola won't let me put her down.  Max is using our baby monitor as a "fishing pole" throwing it off the couch repeatedly.  It will probably break- I'm too tired to care.  Seems like a good game.  I start to think- this is only the first day?  Remember when I used to be a person?

John comes home and says, "What's new?"

I love these kids though.  In between all those moments are hugs and kisses and snuggles and laughter.

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