kiddo room

I very rarely post pictures of Max's entire room.  It's because I am never really happy with it.  I always think- once I figure out what to put there...I'll post pics.  Or, once I replace that...I'll post pics.  Well, here it is anyway.  

I replaced the old "every day I love you" with this one, it looks better.  Just mod podge and scrapbook paper...

This is the part of the room that will definitely change.  We need to put Lola's crib in that corner.  I will probably take that poster down and "girl" it up a bit.

Max calls this his "real city".

I made a little cloud mobile for Lola's changing table/Max's dresser.  

This is another part that will probably change continually.  I don't love the arrangement and will probably keep adding and removing them from time to time.

She likey.

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