vintage tray shelf

I finally found a vintage tray to use as a shelf above Max's play stove!

I've been looking for one forever!  I found this on Pinterest a while ago and loved that idea.

This is our entryway, I put up mismatched Antropologie hooks for coats, etc.  The bench holds our shoes.  When there are a total of two closets in an entire house, I find I have to be creative with storage. I also put up a little "M" hook for Max to use and just got to add the "L" hook!

Last but not least, we finally put together Max's old crib for Lola.  (Actually, I put it together while Lola screamed and Max stood on all the pieces "helping me" build.)  This room is so hard to configure!  Every wall has an obstacle...window, entry door, closet door, air vent....  But I still think I'll pull that poster down.  We added a mobile and I made that polkadot sheet.  As I said before, this room will always and forever be a work in progress.

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