canadian dinner party

We just returned from a week-long vacation to our cabin in Canada- we lovingly call "The Shack".  Since the whole family was together I wanted to take the opportunity to thank my parents for all they do for us.  So we had a dinner party.  I gathered some ideas from Pinterest, like the floating fabric ceiling panels and the kraft paper menu, etc.  The really fun part was that, with this particular project, I had not only my husband, but my sister and brother-in-law to help put it all together and add in their ideas.  That was pretty awesome, because I'm usually just barking orders at my dear husband.  This was a collaborative effort!

I put together the menu and my sister took care of the bar.

I used cheese cloth for the panels because it's light, white and airy...and cheap.

We tried for floating candles, but they wouldn't stay lit because of the wind.  I love the vintage glass teacups we found to put them in though.

The view...just passed those trees is the lake.

Finally the sunshine came through.  It had been raining all day and the previous night.  We also added a kids table with some wood logs for stools.  All I said was we needed kids chairs that weren't red plastic and my brother-in-law came back with these beauties.  Perfect!

Hors d'oeuvres.

Kids pre-dinner.

Yummy dinner my husband grilled.


What's so funny??

Dessert = our favorite Canadian candy bar...miniaturized.

I did make my parents a little present to let them know how much we all love them.  I got the idea here. Everyone chipped in ideas, even the kids.

Did I mention the kids call my parents Mimi and Bobo?

After dinner and coffee we walked out to the lake to watch the sunset.

Skipping rocks.

Why is it so hard to take family pictures???

Max was so not into this.

Sweet girl with her Mimi.

Over it.

Going in for the night.

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