robots, houses and binoculars...

We have joined the colored duck tape crafting phenomenon.  Max had been a little more into these projects than the last few... sometimes I have to bribe him with chocolate to take the pictures.  He said, "This be really, really good." as he was eating a piece of chocolate.

This first project was a robot.  He helped me cut the tape pieces and stick them down after I put them in the general place they should go.  He also liked picking the colors.

Then we went outside which really spelled the beginning of the end for this robot.

Poor robot.  His antennae fell off and one ear was bent back.

Then we worked on a house.  I used this pattern.

We also made some binoculars with washi tape just for a fun 30 second project.  I got the idea here, but didn't feel like painting.

Bird watching.

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