priorities and a kitchen trolley

It's been a while since my last post.  I feel like my life is all about priorities right now.  Besides taking care of two kids, I really only have the energy for one other thing a day.  So I have to choose my priority for the day.  Is it, cleaning?  Exercising?  Grocery shopping?  A walk to the park?  Lately, crafting has been on the bottom of the list.  Until this past weekend.  I went crazy.  I told my husband it was going to be a "me weekend".  I wanted to hang up some art that's been sitting around, finish the kids room, do some sewing, maybe cooking.  I did it all my friends and it felt GOOD!

So I have about 5 projects that are all 3/4 of the way done and will have lots to post in the next couple weeks.

I finally went out and got the cool retro looking aqua kitchen trolley from Ikea, but it's been sitting empty in our kitchen for a while.  I thought the longer I walked past it, I'll come up with something cool to put on there.

I got two huge boxes full of vintage mason jars at a garage sale recently.  I love me some Ball jars. I went to Ball State, duh.  I put them to use on the trolley with a mix of baking goods (flour, sugar, popcorn, lentils, etc.) as well as some crafty things I didn't have a spot for (colored pencils, washi tape, etc.).

One of my favorite Ball jars.

I also got some really cool Crown jars from a garage sale in Canada.

Vintage stamps...  I have a whole box of these actually, Max likes to pretend to spell things.

And a couple odds and ends I put up.  Love this new poster in my dining room.  Max- check it.

And a little something in the bathroom.

On top of everything our computer is on the fritz.  This is the second time we've brought it in to get worked on in the past 3 weeks.  A stay at home mom without a computer?  I'm so sure...

Luckily we have a laptop to work on, but sorry for some of these bad photos.  I'm working with different editing software.  Miss photoshop.  Never thought I'd say that.

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