cross stitch stockings

This is my stocking.  My mom made it.  My sister has one just like it, but with her name and birth year of course.  I love it.  It's so happy and has so many great memories attached to it.  So I wanted to keep the tradition going with my family.  Unfortunately, I'm horrible at making these.  

John's came first.  Santa came out pretty well I thought.  Then I realized that the stocking was going to be red.  And Santa was red.  Hmmm.  So I put a little green around him.  Weird.  We call this one "Santa on a putting green".  Also I should mention that this was my second attempt at a stocking for John.  The first was an elf that had hands coming out of his head.  Gifted that to my mother in law.

Then came Max's.  A gingerbread man, but I call him gingerbread UPS man.  The stockings also keep getting fatter.

Now it's Lola's turn.  I'm making her a tree.  How can I mess that up you ask?  Just wait and see.  It's already off to a rocky start.  A little off center, etc.

What makes it all harder is that my sister made these for her whole family too and her's are super awesome.  Her designs are colorful and she did a Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer that should be in a museum.

The others have taken me months to finish and I have only one month to make Lola's, so wish me luck.

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