Waaaay back when I made this family flip book for Max.  It's always been a favorite.  Really, Max just always gets a kick out of it when we make things that look like the family.  So for Christmas I decided to make some peg families.  

This is us- of course Max and Daddy had to be wearing their Blackhawks shirts.  Lola has a little teddy bear- hard to see in the pic.  And I'm just plain- but with really long hair.

Made some of my sister's family too for my niece and nephew to play with.  I'm not really an artist, but I think they are hilarious!

As I was making them Max kept stealing them and then asking, "Where is little Lola?"  The black ink was running on some of them, I found out that I could stop that by spraying them with hairspray before drawing on them.  Huh- who knew?

The other bonus was the holiday sale section at IKEA.  I got these Santa/Elf ornaments for $1.99 thinking- I'll mod podge our faces on those suckers!  I did most of the family, but the kids are the cutest and the least embarrassing. 

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