surprise balls

Have you heard about surprise balls?  No, it's not something dirty you are surprised to see on the el train.  You wrap up lots of mini treats into a ball and the kids get to unwrap it bit by bit.  I've wanted to make these for the kids for a while, and the $1 aisle at Target made it easy to achieve for the holidays. 

If you live in Chicago, you HAVE GOT to visit the American Science & Surplus store.  Here's the thing- Max loves it because they have some crazy toy aisles.  John loves it because they have aisles dedicated to motors, electrical, robot crazy stuff.  He found stuff to build his own coffee roasting vent in our basement.  And I love it because it has the weirdest assortment of things I can use for crafts.  You could leave there with a venus fly trap, old army canteen and some fake mustaches. 

Long story short, I bought these three rolls of tape there a long time ago.  Well, I thought it was decorative tape, but it turns out it's just the staticy stuff like police barricade tape.  I was wondering what I would ever use it for when I thought of making these surprise balls.  Perfect!

Sadly I don't have any pictures of the kids unwrapping, but they were so easy to make I'm sure I'll do it again in the future. 

PS- I've seen other blogs where the balls are perfect circles.  I'm so sure!  Mine were wonky.

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