happy 2 years!

Happy Blogiversary to Little Mr Moo!

I have some super exciting things to tell you about, but first I need to have a little heart to heart.  I love this blog, but I have always felt really self conscious when writing posts.  I feel like people won't care what I have to say, or the things I make just aren't as good at what other people are making...  I guess I always hold back so I don't risk real failure.  But I've been looking back at all my old posts since it's officially two years and I am proud of myself.  I've made some really cool things, but most of all I have this diary- with pictures- of Max growing up, Lola growing up, and even me growing up.  Even if I do only have 24 followers and 22 likes on Facebook- this hasn't been for nothing.

However, I still have some work to do.  I think about the blogs I love to follow and they don't hold much back.  So if I just want to talk about our day, what the kids did that was cute, what they did that was not cute, or tell a fart joke...I'm going to.  If you want to stop reading my blog because of that, I'm going to have to be ok with it.  My favorite blog is Under the Sycamore.  Originally because she posted a ton of really cute vintagey DIY projects, but it has become more personal throughout the past year.  She really lets her readers in on her life.  I cried when she posted pictures of the first time she held her adopted daughter.  I need to work on letting you in on my life.

The other thing I want to work on is more original projects.  I'm great at copying people- truly.  But that's not all that awesome.  So my 24 followers, tell me if there is anything you want to see!

It feels like a long time ago I started this blog- thinking I'd be able to name every post a Beatles song.  Here is a look back at some of the most memorable/popular posts on Little Mr Moo...

 Most viewed post of all time- family flip book.

2nd favorite- suitcase dollhouse.

This is hilarious, number 3- rap embroidery.

Number 4- statement sign.

And number 5 appropriately- the original sweater pants!

And some of my favorites...

My second post ever, DIY anthro chairs.

Book of colors for Max.

The contest I won on KLT Works.

More recently- tshirt printing.

Lace teepee and Lola's corner.

Cutie doll for Lola.

And the stackers, because of this video.

Thank you- to those of you who read Little Mr Moo.  And go tell your friends to like me on facebook! Or twitter!  Or instagram!  Or pinterest!

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  1. Your site is so creative, and I love it. Don't ever feel like you have to hold back on being you! Life's too short, and kids grow up WAY too fast...


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