mr moo goes to a party

The Little Mr Moo 2 year anniversary was a perfect opportunity to launch a new venture...Mr Moo Goes to a Party!  

We are creating kids birthday party packs- in other words...we choose the theme and handcraft the decor, gifts, photo accessories, and other miscellaneous accoutrement!  All available on Etsy!

To start things off we have two pack options; the first a Black & White Mod Pack.  

12 custom 5x7" invitations
12 cloth zig zag napkins
12 triangle cloth cup rings
12 black & white stripe straws
12 black & white circle crayons
12 cloth stamped gift bags (approx. 6x6")
1 hand-cut triangle runner (19x70")
1 black & white felt triangle bunting w/gold thread (approx.23 feet long)
1 black & white felt triangle cake bunting topper

I hand cut every single triangle in this felt runner.  It is awesome.  I will make one for myself.

Pack 2- Hipster!

1 Vintage 45 Album Sleeve Bunting- approx. 15 feet long (bands we're sure you've never heard of)
1 Silver "Turntable" 
12 Custom Invitations with teeny bowtie attached
12 Custom Stamped Arrow Fabric Favor Bags
12 Pairs of Clear Lens Wayfarers
12 Kids Flannel Bowties (in the 4 patterns shown)

We put these party packs to the test at the "blogiversary" party, combining the elements of both packs- and then I added a little gold just for me.  We invited friends and their littles to sample the party goodies.  It was a hit!

 The invite. Glam.

A homemade gold fringe pinata was a subtle reminder of the reason for the party.  And our black & white triangle cup rings and zig zag cloth napkins.

The original Little Mr Moo pic.  Glitter party hats with felt pom pom tops.

Pumping some 70s and 80s tunes all night on my new hot pink Crosley with the hipster wayfarers.

Who's spinning tonight?

Yum yums.

Black & white cupcakes with mini felt triangle topper.

Oreos on a stick!!  Kids loved those.  The black licorice...not as much.

Blackberry champagne with glitter drink stirs.

PB&J's with washi flags.

Vintage cake recipe with felt triangle topper.

Party gal.

Photo Booth...

Thanks friends!

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