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We had a little Valentine's brunch this past weekend just us four since Thursday will be a little hectic.  John has to work and it's always more fun when we are all together.  I will post all the fun party details on Valentine's Day, but I wanted to show you Max & Lola's Valentine surprise early!

I saw these little mailboxes in the dollar section at Target and snatched them right up.  Max loves getting real mail so I thought I would sew some envelopes to put their Valentine messages in.

I cut out the small rectangles and sewed around all the edges.  I sewed little triangles of velcro so they can actually stay closed.  I cut out the little teeny squares and teeny hearts for the stamps and hand sewed them together.  Then embroidered their names/nicknames on each envelope.  Wow, that would have been easier if I had embroidered them BEFORE sewing them together...live and learn.

I cut their names out of some cute paper and mod podged them on the mailboxes.  Then printed out little messages, some generic like the heart candies, and some just for them.  "You're My Favorite Hockey Guy" for Max and "I Like Your Baby Breath" for Lola.  Ugh, don't you love baby breath?!

Max took each message out and said, "What this says?", "What this one says Mama?".  So cute.

Lola got in on the action, until I turned my back and she ate part of one of the paper messages...

Can't wait to show you our party pics, don't peek at everything in these pictures!!

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