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I'd have to say brunch is my favorite meal.  One- I hardly ever have it, so it is a novelty.  Two- it gives me an excuse to have coffee from 6am until noon.  I know, that's so bad.  But it's so GOOD.  Especially because we always have fresh coffee.  I mean fresh- my husband roasts it at least once a week.  He has this roaster, and we order our coffee beans from there too.  Three- I can take the time to really cook breakfast food.  Because let's be honest, when I wake up at 5am, the best I can do is pop some bread in the toaster or microwave an oatmeal packet.

So for our lazy Sunday Valentine's celebration, we had brunch!  

I plugged in the record player and put on some Fats Domino "Blueberry Hill" to get the party started.  We've been on a real oldies kick.  They are awesome dance party songs!

I got some strawberry milk for a treat and filled my old fashioned milk bottles.  Max didn't like it and neither did I.  It is way too sweet.

I made little pom poms for the place cards and for each place setting, along with one of the Valentine messages I had included in Max and Lola's gifts.

We made heart chocolate chip pancakes.  John and I had the pancake debate we have every time we make pancakes- he likes huge thick pancakes and I like tiny silver dollar pancakes.  Does anyone else have this debate?

I'm making faces at my sweet girl.  I fed her beets since they are pink and festive.

She did not like them.

I got some Valentine window gels so Max could help me decorate.  He likes when we decorate for every season now.  He says, "These decorations are so beautiful Mama!".  He had a ton of fun with these gels.

I moved over my watercolor ombre garland and John got me some pretty flowers.

It was a really rainy, dreary day, but that didn't get us down.  Happy Valentine's Day!

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