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I've had the book The Petit Appetit Cookbook since Max was born.  It has gone hand in hand with my Babycook.  It has recipes divided into age group from The Beginners: 4-6 months to The Connoisseurs: 3-6 years.  My personal favorite are the Banana Apple Bran Muffins.  I have made these so many times I can whip them up by memory in about 7 minutes flat.  I'm sure I will post many recipes from here, I love it.  So it makes me a little sad that this is the first one because it wasn't that good.  I decided to post even the recipes that fail.
Fruity Gelatin
1 envelope gelatin
1/4 c. hot water
1 c. apple puree

They were way too gelatin and not enough apple.  Or sweet... something.  Neither of the kids liked them.
Max took one nibble and Lola squished them in her hand.  So we just played instead.
Waiting and watching for Daddy.
He's home!
 Love them.

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